About the Author

Scott Martin Media - Soccer Concepts Simplified

I'm a former philosophy and theology graduate student turned soccer coach and analyst. 

Working through graduate school, I thought my first book would be about the interaction of the intellect and will in establishing a free action. 

Instead, a good friend brought me into the soccer program at Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School and I haven't looked back. Since then, I've coached at the collegiate and youth competitive levels.

Coaching fed my passions for mentorship, periodization, and soccer tactics. To this day, it's the interaction with my players, investing in them first as human beings, then as soccer players, that drives my participation in the craft.

While my teams have utilized some entertaining and advanced tactical concepts, I wanted more (credit the analytical educational background for that one). That led me to join Total Football Analysis

Since joining TFA in September 2019, I've made a meteoric climb to senior status, featuring in the magazine each month and working on many client projects. My favorite contribution is taking the lead in the "Real Madrid: Preseason Soccer Prospectus 2020/21" project. 

Once a laborious task, writing has become a source of joy. It's my way of delivering ideas in story form. As you read my books (yes, more books are in the works), I hope you'll find that balance between enjoyment and learning, a state I refer to as leisure.

5 Random Facts about Me

1) When I'm not writing or coaching, odds are that I'm spending time with my wife and kids.

2) The website color scheme is an ode to my favorite clubs, Sporting Clube de Portugal and Real Madrid.

3) Growing up, I was obsessed with the Moneyball Oakland A's. Billy Beane's work in the front office made me want to become a general manager.

4) When I transferred to Belmont Abbey College as a junior, I intended to major in psychology and sports management. After a semester, I reverted back to philosophy and theology, then stayed that course through grad school. Now I'm essentially a practitioner of psychology and sports management. 

5) Through Total Football Analysis, I've worked on recruitment and tactical analysis projects for clubs in the English Premier League, Major League Soccer, the A-League, and more. I'm also on a match coding project with a professional club.